Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Covered Thankfulness

537. Neighbor's willow tree glowing green.

538. Flower buds and leaves on the lilac bush.

539. Prints from A Happy Exchange for the girls' room.

540. Corresponding with Jillian from A Happy Exchange.

541. Completing the wall in the girls' changing room.

542. Creating.

543. Finishing the eye chart.

544.Second trip to Target with no Hadley tears.

545, Picture frames on sale.

546. Hadley holding my hand and walking through Target for a few moments.

547. Brynne vomit and tears instead of choking.

548, Running on the bike trail with the girls.

549. Brynne loving to have her back rubbed.

550. Hadley resting in our bed after she finished nursing.

551. Brad surprising us by taking half a day off.

552. Unpredictable weather.

553. The surprise of snow on the ground on a Friday morning in March.

554. Big, fluffy snowflakes floating down from the sky.

555. Snow covered hyacinths and daffodils.

556. Snow to water, protect and nourish new transplants.

557. Snowy Saturday with nowhere to be.

558. Redbud tree covered with blossoms and snow.

holy experience


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That snow looks so fluffy and pretty! And I'm so glad you posted pictures of the eye chart...that's awesome. :)

Hope you have a great week!

Cyndi said...

I love that eye chart! I might have to make one!

Dawn said...

now on trees {sigh} lovely! and your eye chart brought a fresh spring of tears to my eyes. i'm going to check it out... my beautiful girl has so many negative experiences with an eye chart and this would truly be a lovely addition :)

Once Upon A Time said...

I love your snow covered flowers pics. Beautiful.

Ordinary Girl said...

Just had to say how much I love the eye chart! It made me smile.

Twinside Out said...

Love, love, love the eye chart! And the snowy pictures are so beautiful. It is a gray day here, so those brightened my morning considerably.

How sweet that Brad took some extra time off! :)

Brooke said...

That Eye chart is such an awesome idea! And those pictures just made me happy :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Snowy Saturday and nowhere to be! Now that's just great, isn't it??? The pictures are so beautiful to me, as I'm in Florida now and kind of miss that beauty. If I'm going to be cold, there might as well be the beauty of snow with it!!! LOVED the eye chart! Who in the world WOULDN'T like it?????