Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Change Thankfulness

491. When I take the dogs outside, seeing this in the window:

492. Brooke reading to Hadley.

493. Hugs from Brynne.

494. Blood orange olive oil.

495. Getting to the post office twice in one week by myself with the girls.

496. Hadley giggling at the world upside-down.

497. Impromptu trip to the park.

498. Fish fry.

499. The girls loving fish.

500. First successful dining out experience with the girls in high chairs.

501. Dining out at a casual place where the girls' fun and giggles went unnoticed.

502. Spending time with friends at the fish fry.

503. Two kinds of chocolate pie.

504. Cousins playing together.

505. Girls slurping up spicy noodles.

506. Seeing the reason for plans not working out last weekend.

507. Sneaky Brynne walking when she thinks no one is looking.

508. Weathering the time-change beautifully.

509. Toasting to a successful "spring forward" with a great bottle of wine.

510. Having a husband who looks up new recipes and prepares them to perfection.

511. Watching snow pour from the sky, and cling to everything it touches.

holy experience


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

CONGRATS on your successful dining out experience in high chairs!!! Our first restaurant high chair experience was when the girls were about 15 months old, and it was so wonderful to realize we could eat together as a family of four! It wasn't exactly "relaxing", as I was a nervous wreck (HA!!!), but it was still so refreshing.

We try to eat out with the girls about once a week these days. And knock on wood, the girls do so well. We have a handful of establishments we rotate among, and I think it's great for the girls to get that exposure to a different environment. I'm now to the point where I only carry their cups of water (although I once forgot those and they drank out of straws and did OK), and I always carry fresh fruit if we're going some place where I can't order that for them.

And CONGRATS also on a successful time change transition! :)

Twinside Out said...

I *love* the picture of the girls in the window. Precious.

Yay for getting through the time change with no problems! (Double yay for celebrating with a nice bottle of wine!! Oooh and triple yay for a husband who cooks!!!)

Hope you have a wonderful week. :)

Craig said...

Even though it’s Tuesday I needed more gratitude so I just came over from Ann’s.

The whole list was awesome - but I liked this one the best: 508. Weathering the time-change beautifully. (because I’ve heard a lot of grumbling – did some myself – and not one person had anything positive to say about the time change – until just now. You didn’t complain about it – you “weathered” it. Yay you!!) {smile} This is why I heart this community.

God Bless and keep you and all of yours

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What a bunch of happy faces and giggles!!!! Couldn't help but smile myself here! Your list was precious, and a husband who cooks on top of it all! That's the icing on the cake! Loved your list today. So glad I stopped by!

Craig said...
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Corinne and Jason Ritz said...

I loved the whole post, but I gotta say the highlight for me was the pic of the girlies in the window, with their faces pressed up close. That was incredibly adorable!!!