Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "M" Word

Is there a word that just absolutely don't like makes you shudder and cringe every time you hear it uttered?

I have one. M-O-I-S-T.

It makes me kinda gag to type it.

If there was one word Mr. Webster could have left out of his dictionary, that was it.

Pair the "m" word with a certain ladies undergarment that begins with a "p", and I just might throw up on you.

There are several things that really stink about the "m" word:

1. It is everywhere! Case in point, see below:

Watch a cooking show--you hear the "m" word about 54 times!

2. There's just not another good way to describe cakes and breads that are not dry.

I gave my friend a loaf of apple bread I had baked. She sent me a text to say that it was "wet and delicious". God love her!

3. It's easy for my husband to use the "m" word on a daily basis.

Me:  Did the girls need their diapers changed?
Brad:  The girls' diapers were only slightly "m".

Me:  What do you think of the salad we had for dinner?
Brad:  It was so "m"!

Me:  Is it raining outside?
Brad:  It's very "m" outside.

       Ugh. Jerk! (I mean that in the nicest, "I love you very much" way possible)

What about you? Do you have an "m" word?


Once Upon A Time said...

Funny post! Myself, I dislike the word "panties." There's just something about it that really grates on my nerves.

Twinside Out said...

Too funny! I will try to remember not to use the "m" word in any comments. :)

My "m" words used to be "poo" and "poop." But now I find that I not only use those words, I write about them a lot, too. I think it's my form of therapy, because otherwise I could *not* deal with it.

Maybe you should start serving Brad dry and crunchy salad!! :)

Julie Wilkinson said...

I used to hate the word potty. I cringed when my mother asked me if I had to go potty. Now, alas, I use it with my son and my dog. Guess I've gotten over that aversion. Perhaps the common term potty-mouth desensitized me?

Anonymous said...

I share in your extreme dislike of the "m" word. Lets start a "damp" crusade. For instance, "I sure love a good, damp, blueberry scone." I think damp more than gets the point across.

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

Too funny! I am not a fan of moist or panties either. Not sure why some words have the power to make me cringe, but they do. :)

Derek Aldrich said...

That is to funny. Your husband sounds like a moist breath of fresh air to my blog. As he suffers from being in an all pink house.

joeh said...

I hate the word molecule, but that's just me.

I have ablolutely no aversion to a m p

The Cranky Old Man

sascedar said...

*giggle* neither moist nor panties bother me. although yesterday I had another 'm' word that bugged my brain...muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Kellie said...

OMG, I've found someone who thinks the same as me. Uuuuurrrggghhhhh. Makes me feel uncomfortable just thinking about the word!!!

MultipleMum said...

Too funny! Sister A has exactly the same aversion to moist (and to panties!). I am with you on the /p/ word - find it extremely derogatory for some reason. Moist, not so much. I hope you have a great day - thanks for Rewinding x

life without mathematics said...

Rewinding the weekend. Super smiling at your water babes. Cute, so cute!