Monday, September 19, 2011

Automotive Recalls are Awesome!

Yesterday I shared my gratitude about my husband arriving home safely from work.

There is much more to this story.

We called our repairman to see what the total damage to the car was. In other words---how much is this going to cost?

The man told Brad that the brake line was cut, because part of the structure of the car had rusted completely through and collapsed.

He told us that Brad was fortunate that the brake line did get cut, because the collapse made the car completely unsafe to drive, and something much worse could have happened, had it gone unnoticed. He also added that he'd never seen anything like this before.

This was not at all what we expected to hear. Buying a new car was not on our radar. My stomach knotted.

But God.

Brad remembered a slip of paper from Nissan that he'd tucked away, just in case. A recall notice of some sort. Could this collapsed, rusted piece of metal be the recall?

It was!

Nissan is handling the repair, giving us a loaner car, and incurring ALL the expenses!


931. Brad's safety on the road.

932. Brake line getting cut.

933. Recall notice.

934. Not needing to buy a new car.

935. Playdate with Sara and Affton.

936. Finally meeting Miss Aubrey.

937. Trip to the zoo with the girls by myself.

938. Getting to know two mama from church a little bit.

939. The girls' colds being very short-lived.

940. Salted-carmel mocha. Seriously, so delicious!

941. Girls wrestling with their papa.

942. Hadley getting over her fear of riding Howard.

943. A friend I can call to pray for me, about the same stupid thing I've asked her to pray about 57 times.

944. She prays for me every.single.time.

945. The realization of a lack of anxiety in a situation that normally makes my stomach ache with stress.

946. Chatting, briefly, with Amanda.

947. For doctors, like Amanda, that do hard things.

948. Chatting with my dad.

holy experience


Sara said...

Yay for Hadley and Howard - and how wonderfully your car situation has worked out!

. said...

How amazing! So thankful that your car can be fixed without worry. And don't you just love wrestling time with Dad? It's an every night event here. :) God Bless!

Derek Aldrich said...

Glad to hear that he is ok.

Olusola said...

I'm so glad that everything worked out fine (and is still working out) for your family. "He that watches over Isreal never slumbers nor sleeps"

The Guddats said...

Glad to hear about God's grace in keeping your hubby safe and his provision with the car situation. God is good in what he does :-)

championm2000 said...

It's so funny that Drew has overcome his horse fear, too (he has the same horse!)

So happy to hear of your blessings...