Thursday, September 15, 2011


There is so much, I'm not even sure where to begin!

I greeted this past week with equal parts of excitement and dread.

Months ago, my husband came home from work and announced that we were going on our first ever family vacation. Oh yeah, and the entire things was going to be kept a secret.

I love traveling. I mean really love it.

I've also really come to love the structure and routine we've established with our girls.

Could my love of travel and my love of schedule co-exist?

Turns out, they can (if my attention-to-detail husband is planning it!).

I can't even begin to tell you how hard I prayed over our trip.

I prayed as I folded tiny outfits into our big suitcase.
I prayed as I packed snacks for the flight.
I prayed as I thoughtfully selected books to capture their attention during all the sitting and waiting.

I prayed.

I saw God working through the entire week in a huge way. I felt like I was whispering thank you constantly. I'm sure if I'd recorded each and every one, I'd be well over 1,000.

As it is, I've just hit a few of the many here.  


Counting my thanks (a few days late):

899. A tear-less flight to Charlotte.

900. The graciousness of all the passengers around us.

901. Praises from one passenger on the girls' behavior on the flight.

902. Juice boxes from Ellen.

903. Adaptable girls.

904. Brad planning the entire trip around our girls schedule.

905. Asking Brad if were in North Carolina or South Carolina.

906. Dick, from Craig's List, with the box fan, was really Derek and Melissa!

907. Brad planning the most thoughtful surprise vacation, so that I could meet a dear friend in person.

908. The gift of getting to meet and spend time with my dear friend, Melissa.

909. Our daughters getting to play together.

910. The hilarity and futility of trying to get a picture with all four of our girls.

911. Aeralind and Bronwyn sharing their shades with Brynne and Hadley.

912. Girls learning to bounce on the bed.

913. Good night of sleep.

914. Children's Museum fun!

915. Melissa feeling better so quickly, and preparing a meal for us.

916. Eating Derek's world famous double chocolate chip cookies.

917. Proof.

918. Petting goats at the zoo. 

919. Running around in a green field before dinner.

920. The privilege and gift of being the subject of breathtakingly beautiful photographs by crazy-talented Melissa!

921. Going barefoot.

922. Baby girls swapping shoes.

923. Four girls on a swing.

925. A good flight home.

926. More compliments on the girls' good behavior on the flight.

927. Arriving home just in time for nap.

928. Smooth transition home.

929. Girls making banana bread with their papa.

holy experience

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Melissa Ann said...

I think you guys have better pictures of all four than I managed!
And the banana bread fun looks great :)