Monday, September 5, 2011

Spot On


I was going to title my post. Porch Monkeys, because of #898 and we call the girls monkeys sometimes.

But, the urban dictionary says that would be very bad thing. My husband was laughing at me that I would even consider Porch Monkeys. My ghetto fabulousness ends at the entrance to our subdivision, or maybe it never even started.

Anyway--it was innocent, I promise. What I meant, had I used the title, was part two of  definition #1.
A small child who enjoys being on the porch.
Perfect, right?

The rest of the porch monkey definitions are derogatory and wrong. Boo to you racist people who would ruin the perfect title for this post!

So, the title, Spot On. We're dealing with another rash--poor Brynne! Rashes seem to plague her.

We are so thankful that her rash is no big deal, and not the chicken pox, as I'd first thought!

Always things to be thankful for, even if it does involve rashes again!

And--love my porch monkeys! Even if the urban dictionary says it's not a nice thing to say!

872. Vomit-covered-Hadley-hugs in the middle of the night.

873. The smell of vomit not bothering me.

874. Bath by candlelight with Hadley at 4 AM.

875. Hadley only throwing up one time.

876. The girls being able to identify which tomatoes are ripe.

877. The girls picking only the ripe tomatoes  in the garden.

878. The girls learning how to drink out of straws!

879. Walk with Sara and Silas.

880. Dinner with Steve and Lauren.

881. Good conversation and fellowship.

882. A lovely night to eat dinner outside.

883. Discovering Brynne's spots.

884. Getting an appointment at the pediatrician's office.

885. Brynne not having chicken pox, as I feared.

886. Brynne being diagnosed with ULE.

887. ULE is not contagious!

888. Finding a skirt for $3.74 on clearance!

889. Impromptu dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

890. Getting a compliment on our girls' good behavior during dinner!

891. Girls who love to help their mama vacuum.

892. Delight in squeaking shoes.

893. New shoes that fit the girls' feet.

894. Healthy girls with growing feet!

895. The glorious sound of thunder.

896. Eating dinner while watching a wicked lightning storm.

897. The delicious smell of rain.

898. Sitting on the porch swing with Papa.

holy experience


Andrea said...

Chicken Pox are actually going around in my neck of the woods! I still remember getting them as a little girl. I was in the 2nd grade. I guess I got them pretty bad...Mom said they were inside and out. Kind-of yucky just thinking about it! So glad your girls did not get them. Glad the stomach virus was short lived.

Great list Julia! Hope you Monday is going well! Take care!

MellyB said...

I choked a little bit when I clicked on the link. Maybe because in my head, for just a second, I pictured your cute little girls on the porch sorting through their "crack rock".

Almost to a thousand girl!!