Thursday, September 1, 2011

Art You Can Eat

After our girls go to bed, on nights that Brad is home, we typically enjoy eating supper together. It's our time to relax, talk, actually taste our food, maybe enjoy a glass of wine. We hang out on the back deck, listen to music, and just chill.

I know that's not forever--soon we'll have family mealtime, which I'm excited about! I recognize, though, that these meals, alone together as a couple, are special and precious and fleeting.

So, when Brad's traveling for business, I'm on my own for dinner.

I love that even though he's away I am intentional about fixing myself a good meal and taking my time to enjoy it.

This was my meal one night. Dare I say it's art?

I love that most of what's on this plate is from our garden. I helped coax it into producing all this loveliness! It helps me savor it just a little bit more.

The tomatoes and basil came fresh from the garden, and the focaccia is made with rosemary, also from our garden.

Art you can eat.


I'm linking this up with Holly, who reminds us to take a moment to find things we love about ourselves.


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Anonymous said...

It shows great self image that you fix yourself something so beautiful and tasty, even when you are alone. I struggle with that. You've inspired me, thanks!

Andrea said...

That looks absolutely amazing!! Yum! Good for you! :):)

Sara said...

Wow! That looks wonderful!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That definitely qualifies as art! And kudos to you for taking care of yourself (in many aspects) that way!

We've been eating family dinners...all enjoying the same food...since shortly after the girls turned two. It's truly wonderful...but the dynamic is definitely different. I cook a lot of things ahead, so I only have to warm them up at dinnertime / make salads / cut fresh fruit. Presentation is not a high priority. And when I do make something for immediate consumption, we still have to wait for it to cool off enough for the girls to eat before we all sit down.

The trade-off is worth it, of course, but I miss being a little more "intentional" for just Hubby and me.

Still, we occasionally wait to eat until the girls are in bed. We did that a lot during football season last year, and it was really special. I'd plan a big feast of appetizers, usually, and we'd set up in the den to watch whatever game we'd DVR'd. It wasn't always fine cuisine, but we made it fun...a Mexican theme, a tailgating theme, etc...a great date night at home. :)

championm2000 said...

I think it's great that you take time to treat yourself to a delicious and gorgeous so deserve it!