Monday, February 20, 2012

Family and friends are good for the soul

This weekend, I spent my first night away from the girls to make a brief, 26 hour trip home to visit my family (1120). Brad is so hands-on with our girls (1121) I was completely and totally confident (1122) that things were going to go just fine--and they did (1123)!

My first modge podge project hanging in our bedroom (1124).

When the girls want me to read them a story, they've started handing me the book open to the page where we start reading (1125).

Last night at dinner the girls were asking for more pizza, after Brad told them that it had some "pig on it",(Canadian bacon), they requested more by snorting like pigs (1126).

Laughter over reading a story my sister wrote when she was in grade school. We read the ending first, which said, "It was the worst day ever!" (1127)

Good conversation with my sister over lunch (1128).

The importance of having old friends (1129).

Maureen making the trip to have lunch at our home (1130).

My dear friend reading to my girls, and being so intentional with them (1131).

Hadley asking to hold baby Noah, and being so sweet and gentle with him (1132).

Helping the sock monkey go potty (1133). (This is a small step towards potty training, right?)

New toy for our music lovers (1134).

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Rebecca (socks for mum) said...

Ha! Ha! Yes, it is the first step in potty training! Thank you for listing your thankfulness list today. I enjoyed the way your post started out. Family is a blessing indeed!

Corinne Ritz said...

I especially like #1129 - The importance of having old friends. You made me laugh so hard this last week. And it was something that NO ONE else would've laughed at like we did:) It made me miss you so much.

That is awesome you could leave the girls with Brad. That is SO important. I love that about my husband as well. I have NO worries there. Such a relief!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great pics! I love your modgepodge.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So very glad you got to enjoy a (quick) trip home! Friends and family are so very good for the soul, I know...and how fantastic you could enjoy yourself freely, knowing the girls were in such great hands with Daddy Brad. :)