Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Things

Just two quick things:

1. If you have not seen it yet---my husband posted a very short video of our girls from this past weekend. It's, arguably, the cutest thing ever! Guaranteed to make you smile!

2. Someone took a picture of all us models dolled up at the hair show. The dress they had me wear is the most expensive dress I've ever worn (my wedding dress included) and, while I know it's what the kids are wearing these days, it really, uncomfortably, self-consciously short.

Who wants to guess which two girls cried about their hair?


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Was it the two girls to your left who cried?

I have always wondered if I'd really be brave enough to just let someone do whatever to my hair. I think I would on "What Not to Wear" or something, where there's a stylist trying to make you look your best. From what you described, though, were the stylists at the show actually showing off different styles? That's where I'd be scared. :)

I'll have to find a good time to watch the video of your girls. It's hard to I don't ever want to make too much noise when my girls are sleeping. ;)

Lauren said...

My guess is it was the two girls with the striped dresses on. haha

Melissa Ann said...

Hello gorgeous legs! I see why they picked the short expensive number on you!

I'd guess the one with the bowl cut for sure... and then the one with long hair looks pretty unthrilled too. But I have to imagine the other crier was the blond: but that's a beautiful punk rock hairdo that totally fits her face!

Corinne Ritz said...

Mmmmm... Yeah, your legs are HOT! Though I would've been so self conscience in that dress too! And the two that cried - the flapper girl in the middle and the I guess the blonde girl, though I love that hair on her.