Monday, February 6, 2012

Our girls are two years old!!

Our girls are TWO!! Can you even believe it?

Okay. Maybe you can. But it's pretty incredible to me. Amazing. Really amazing! Two! We had so much fun celebrating "two" together as a family. And, there was some other cool stuff that I'm so very thankful for too:

I came home from the hair show on Monday with such fun hair! (1089) My handsome, giving, flexible husband was willing and able to take a day off, so that I could strut my stuff on stage (1090). Ha!

The girls say an exuberant Amen! after we pray at mealtimes (1091). Then, they both need a kiss from both Mama and Papa before the begin eating---such a fun routine!! (1092)

We went to see the ducks and geese at our local nature reserve multiple times this week, taking advantage of the warm weather (1093). On the girls' birthday we all walked the entire lap, around the water, which is just over a mile!! (1094) So impressed with our girls!

We also walked out over the water without the stroller. (1095) Our girls did a great job of obeying--holding our hands, and walking carefully. (1096) This picture will show you just why I always sweat a little when we take our girls out over the water:

Here's a pretty sweet picture of Brad and Hadley.
Death grip on Miss Brynne. I can never relax out there.

For their birthday dinner, our girls enjoyed noodles for our local Asian food restaurant. (1097) Brynne did a great job eating with chopsticks! (1098)

Speaking of wonderful weather, the girls and I went to the playground with my friend and her two little girls. (1099) It was great chatting with her, getting to know her better. (1100)

I took the girls back to that same park later in the week. All the equiptment is just their size, (1101) so this mama can handle them climbing and sliding without worrying that they are gong to break something. (1102)

Hadley being just like her mama. (1103)

Brynne, cozy between her grandparents, with her baby, listening to a story. (1104)

Grandparents reading familiar stories to our girls, so we could have a night off. (1105)

Heart-shaped French toast for the girls' birthday breakfast (made by my rockstar husband!). (1106)

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Miss Megan said...

Happy Birthday girls!! Wow 2!!! Amazing how the time flies!
I would sweat by that water too - eek!
Love that playground equipment - it really is their perfect size! Awesome!
And that heart french toast? So sweet!!!
So much to be thankful for =)

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girlies!!

Corinne Ritz said...

Fun Times!!! You are brave to go out on that bridge with no stroller! YIKES! OK, and the heart shaped french toast by Brad? Sweetest thing ever! BTW - I LOVE 2 year olds! You are in for a super fun year!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So many wonderful things, Julia!!!

I love hearing our girls say "Amen" after our bedtime prayers. So very sweet. :)

And it was about this time a year ago that we began to log some serious mileage walking hand-in-hand. We still love our jogging stroller, but it's so awesome to explore the neighborhood on foot together. :)

I'm so proud of you for braving the park! I have yet to take the girls by myself (since a very challenging visit when they were about 17 months old), but I'm hopeful I'll be ready this spring.

And I do love the heart-shaped toast. How special for your two special babes. :) :)