Thursday, February 2, 2012

Red and Hearts

My modeling gig kinda messed up my blogging routine this week.

I still haven't taken the time to show you cute pictures of my girls count my gifts from last week, and it's already Thursday! And, most importantly, the girls are going to be TWO tomorrow! Lots of stuff going on!

Taking a moment this morning to reflect on a few of the many graces God gives to me:

Festive felt garland on our mantel (1077)

Watching Hadley's enthusiasm and artistic preferences come out as we made a heart out of corks together (1078, 1079).

Playdate with Shelly and Max (1080). Watching one of my dearest friends reading to my girls; and they so eager to climb on her lap and listen (1081 and 1082).

My husband's honesty and vulnerability (1083 and 1084).

Seeing two sets of pigtails bobbing back and forth to the music in the rear view mirror (1085).

Having a husband that encourages me to relax (1086).

A husband who watched the girls and made dinner while Mama got her hair transformed (1087).

Coming home with red hair on Sunday night (1088).

holy experience


Ordinary Girl said...

Happy Birthday to the girls!!! And I love the haircut. It's so hard to find time to do those special things for ourselves. Good for you for taking the time because in my experience, it makes a huge difference.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

D'oh! I knew your girls' birthday was coming up quickly, but I didn't realize it was TOMORROW! Wow!!!

I hope you're enjoying the lead-up to their birthday...such a special day for them...and for you. :) :)

Beautiful garland! And we've done pigtails a couple of times this week...there's hardly anything cuter, for sure. :) :)

And, the girls and I just had lunch with one of my bestest friends. I agree, there's something very special about seeing her with my girls.

Corinne Ritz said...

I LOVE your new haircut!!!! The whole do looks So great on you! How fun! I saw the felt heart garland on Pinterest, probably from you. I will get around to making that someday. I really like it.