Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mama Loves: Taming Tangles

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Manic Mother

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Less than a year ago, I lamented that sometimes one of my girls would be mistaken for a boy. They both had really short hair.

I think the heavens laughed at me.

Now both my girls have a big ole mess of hair. And hair, inevitably, gets tangles.

See? Hair and pigtails everywhere--love it!
Awhile ago, I bought some hair detangling spray from our local health food store. It smelled terrible.

So, I was very reluctant to give hair detangling spray another try, but the tears, and endless fighting the girls to hold still while we brushed their hair after their baths was initiative enough.

This time I tried California Baby Calming Hair De-Tangler.

Love it! It has a light, fresh, scent. It doesn't make their hair oily or dirty looking. Most importantly, though, it works really, really well. We spray it on their hair, and brush through with no tangles at all!

Highly recommend!

Can't wait to see what you're loving this week!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Does the detangler continue to work once their hair is dry? We don't usually have trouble in the bath, as I try to remember to comb the girls' hair before bathtime...but we do get tangles during the day sometimes.

(Can you tell I'm a hair virgin in multiple ways? This straight-haired mama has little experience with anything more than a blow dryer...HA!)

Thanks for the link-up, Julia!

Once Upon A Time said...

I have to laugh because I was totally going to do hair detangler spray this weekend for Mama Loves. I went ahead and did anyway since I love it for a slightly different purpose. I use Target's brand, but I did go buy some California Baby this weekend to try.

Mandy- I use it all the time on dry hair. Works great.