Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Like Me

Right before the girls were born, the ultrasound tech gave us a great picture of Brynne's foot.

I was elated! There were her toes, clear as day. And--they were just like her mama's. Second toe was bigger than the first toe.

Mama's toes
Brynne's toes

It just thrilled me that we would share that similarity--toes. Hadley came into the world, and we discovered her toes are like her mama's too.

Apart from those beautiful feet, my girls' appearance seems to be more like Brad. Hadley has his amazing blue eyes. Brynne is a mini-Brad in appearance.

So, I guess if they can't look like me, they can act a bit like me.

I was watching Hadley play with two baby dolls the other day this is what I saw:

Do you see it?

She's pretending to be a twin mama.

I wish you could see how she pulls up the shopping cart to the rocking chair, and loads the dolls in one at a time.

So cute!

Apparently these girls are watching, or paying attention, or something.


Lauren said...

Awww, that's all they know! Two babies at a time:) So cute.

Anonymous said...

Sweet post. My second toe is also longer than my first. Unfortunately, I don't believe I passed that on to my children. Hmm.... You're such a good twin mommy and your beautiful daughters are watching and learning from you, Julia! Kay K

Valerie said...

My 2nd toe is also longer! Though it can also be said I have freakishly long feet. I will have to look at my boys and see who they've inherited theirs from,. :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have pictures of our girls - especially Baby A - at that age, carrying two babies, too. It just makes my heart smile. :)

They're watching, and paying attention, for sure!

Corinne Ritz said...

First of all, I have a little problem with the fact that my ONE daughter takes after my husbands side in looks. I wish she looked just a little bit like she is my little girl.

Secondly HOW SWEET! She thinks 2 babies at once is so normal! It's all relative. I crack up when I look at what is normal from my kids perspectives.

Helene said...

Aw, that is so sweet!! Bella used to have twin baby dolls too and it warmed my heart to see her playing with them.

What's funny is when your girls a little older, they'll probably assume that everyone is a twin. I remember one time I was at the park with the kids (Cole and Bella were probably 4 years old) and this lady had a really young baby in a stroller. Bella looked at the baby and seemed confused. Then she asked the lady, "Where's your baby's twin?"

Guess she just assumed that all babies come in pairs!!

Monica said...

Awww... 2 babies... How cute! One of my twin girls had 3 babydolls lined up in a row and was going from baby to baby and feeding them. All of the sudden she stepped back from her feeding arrangement and then grabbed the 3rd baby and threw it over her shoulder. She then kept on feeding the 2 that were still there like nothing happened! I guess 3 seemed like to many... LOL!

Oh, and BTW, that longer toe thing is a dominant gene that you pass onto your kids like being able to roll ur tongue or having a widows peak hairline... Now my biology teacher in college can't say I never paid attention!