Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Can Do Hard Things on Tuesdays

1. I started using BabyGanics foaming hand sanitizer on the girls when we're at home. I love that stuff--it dries quickly, contains no alcohol, it has no scent and is all natural. Hadley LOVES putting it on her hands. She will walk up to the table where we keep it, and reach up while rubbing her hands together to ask for some.

2. I take full responsibility for creating Hadley's love of hand sanitizer, and I'll admit---it makes this mama happy. Some people see swings and shopping carts I see ugly germs--green with big teeth like the Mucinex guy.
Mr Mucus asking

3. This particular Mucinex guy is not very scary, but he and his cough-inducing pals terrify me. Two sick toddlers babies = my nightmare!

4. Speaking of germs, these Touchy Tags were featured on Multiples and More. Aren't these awesome!? Fasten them on carseats and slings--what a great way to kindly ask people to keep their paws (and germs) off your baby! Wouldn't they make a great shower gift?


5. How am I just now discovering Adele? Just like Ebay and duck tape, I'm a little behind. Mmmm--she is soulful, and just good. If you don't know who she is, you should.

6. I'm all about mantras. I need them--especially when things are difficult. This is my new mantra. I got it from Glennon. I say it to Brynne and Hadley all the time. It's a good mantra for the whole family. It pretty much sums up raising twins.

7. The sign above--LOVE it! I pretty much love all things Barn Owl Primitives.

8. I don't know who said the following. I wrote it down in my journal in college. If it was shorter it might be one of my mantras too.
A tree doesn't ponder why it grows a gnarled branch, a dog why one ear flops half-mast, or a clover why it sprouts three leaves, not four.

What is broken mends; what is stretched to the limit, strengthens. That which is flawed glows with certain beauty.
9. "Life must be aromatic." ~Gwendolyn Brooks.

I think she must have written that in the spring.

10. I am off to plant some zinnia seeds in my garden. Zinnias make me happy.



Wendy said...

I have sick Twinkies right now and it is hard! @ sickies sneezing and wiping their noses on me and each other, spreading the love! I'm going to get some of that hand sanitizer!

Cyndi said...

I love those touchy tags! Great idea! I went to girls camp with our church youth group and our theme was " I can do hard things" love it. simple, but true.

Anonymous said...

I love that line "We do hard" - first heard that in Mary Beth Chapman's book "Choosing to SEE". It's what she has told her family as they have grieved Maria......and I have captured it for our family also. Wonderful stuff, Miss Julia!

Jodi said...

"That which is flawed glows with certain beauty." How true. Love this. "We can do hard things"--hallelujah.

Corinne and Jason Ritz said...

A leader from my church once gave a talk about "doing hard things." That was years ago, and ever since I have said it over and over in my head. It's like the little engine that could. On those days, you know what days I am talking about, I just repeat that over and over in my head. I am totally either gonna make that sign or buy it! Thank you for that!

I love the idea of teaching my kids that mantra as well, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Love your mantra! :-) I totally need to use that with my students. And don't worry, I'm just now finding out about Adele too, so if we're late to the party, at least we finally made it, ha!

Anonymous said...

You're creating a resistance strain for germs early on for your babies. When they are older and sanitizer doesn't work and they are sick all the time, I'm sure you will feel great about yourself. Babies need germs so their bodies can learn how to fight illness. As a chemist, I suggest for the sack of life and your children, you let nature take its course, I mean you are all about "organic" and "natural". So just let your babies be babies. You can't make them perfect.